Multidisciplinary team meetings

There were 57 out of 100 reviews that identified areas for improvement in multidisciplinary teamworking.

The following issues were highlighted:

  • Inefficient administration (lack of timely distribution of patient details to be discussed and the supporting information).
  • Attempting to discuss more patients than is feasible in the time available.
  • Erratic attendance by core MDT members. 
  • Lack of specialist input from key clinical areas (eg radiology, pathology and oncology).
  • A lack of dedicated and pre-planned time for key clinical personnel to support the MDT.
  • Ineffectual chairing of the MDT discussion and poor management of decision-making. 
  • Inability to manage disagreements concerning appropriate treatment for patients.
  • Uncivil behaviours and lack of respect between group members. 
  • Lack of documentation regarding decisions.
  • Failure to follow through MDT decisions and lack of effective communication with patients. 
  • Difficulties with technologies required to support a meeting (video conferencing, access to computerised patient records, pathology and radiology results).
  • Low-quality audit of MDT activity.